arrangement of working space

Furniture for the home office must be selected with some of its features

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To make the furniture look organically and fit into the geometry of the room - it must be modular, consisting of several elements made in the same style. Such items look good in any interior. These qualities give the cabinet a solid look in the style of a classic. It is important in the design of the cabinet is the optimal use of space for placing things. Items necessary for work should be placed within the maximum accessibility of the chair so that they can be reached without getting up. Sometimes there is no time left for making an important decision. For the systematic placement of objects and their quick search, they arrange special storage areas. For example, on the shelves near the table, you can arrange separate compartments or cells for disks, magazines and specialized equipment - a printer or scanner.

  1. Table- The main place in the office is a desk, the size of which should be given special attention. The length and width of the desktop should be convenient for work. A classic table with several drawers no longer meets modern requirements, given the high rate of work. To ensure vigorous activity a special design of the working surface of the table is necessary
  2. Chair - A comfortable work chair is an indispensable element of a home office. From its practicality depends on the state of health of the owner of the office. This piece of furniture should be multifunctional and adapt to the peculiarities of the shape of any person.

  3. Cupboard - For a convenient arrangement of folders with documents, books and disks necessary for work, it is necessary to purchase a cabinet in the office or, as a last resort, open shelves. Sometimes an open shelf does not quite fit into the interior of the home office. In this case, it is better to install a cabinet wall with drawers and doors. This piece of furniture creates the order and style of minimalism in the room. The cabinet must be installed along the wall, for the convenience of placing in the office of other elements, such as: a table, a small sofa, a coffee table, lighting items, office equipment.